Male Ticket

Male Ticket

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Male ticket (Gentleman only) - This ticket will give you access to many 3 Minute Wonder dates with 15-25 Single ladies over the course of the evening 


    This ticket entitles the holder to entry to 3 minute Wonders Speed Dating on the designated date of the ticket.   Please arrive early or on time.  If you are late you will miss out on possibly a chance to meet the one.   It all begins with a 3 minute wonder! 


    Please contact if you suddenly can't make it - If we can find a person to take your place then we can offer a 50% refund.   50% cover admin fees. 

  • Tickets can be printed or screen shot


Dating Night

@2019 3 Minute Wonder Dating created by Alex van Terheyden AKA The Wondering Englishman